Two Indiana Men Busted for Kissing Each Other Passionately While Naked and Punching a Woman in the Face

Two butt-naked Indiana brothers were arrested and charged after being found “passionately making out” outside an apartment complex this past Sunday.

Timothy and Noah Batz weren’t wearing a stitch of clothing whenthe assistant manager of the Lighthouse Landings apartments saw them carrying on their bizarre passion near a dumpster.

That manager called cops and tried to keep residents away from the psychedelic mushroom and weed-induced pair. One woman, however, didn’t listen and got too close. She took several punches to the face and ended up with a pretty large bump on her head.

She then ran to her car and one of the brothers followed her and started banging on her windows…yelling death threats the entire time.

The two men then started getting in and out of unlocked cars in the parking lot.

When cops arrived, the two men were promptly arrested.

21-year-old Timothy Batz was charged with battery, disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, public indecency, obscene performance, incest, attempted car theft and intimidation.

24-year-old Noah Batz was charged with public intoxication, incest, obscene performance, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana, resisting law enforcement and attempted auto theft.


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