Tom Hiddleston Says His Biggest Pet Peeve Is Being Confused For This Actor


If you want to stay in actor Tom Hiddleston’s good graces, you better keep in mind the one thing that irks him more than anything else!

Hiddleston was one of many actors who recently participated in a fun video for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, in which celebs shared their biggest pet peeve.

In the video, the Night Manager star reveals that his biggest pet peeve is actually being confused for fellow actor, Michael Fassbender!

“I don’t mind it when people ask me for my autograph, but I hate it when people ask me for Michael Fassbender’s autograph,” said Hiddleston before procuring an autographed headshot of Fassbender.

“I’m not him, OK? I’m Tom Hiddleston — this is Michael Fassbender, and sorry, you’re not getting this one. This one’s mine,” finished Hiddleston.

Other stars who joined in on sharing their pet peeves included Chloe Grace Moretz, Parks and Rec alum Nick Offerman, fellow late night host James Corden, and Anna Kendrick.

For her part, the Kendrick star used her dry humor to explain that she dislikes it when people are passive aggressive, and then joked about a very specific scenario that may happen if you try and return something at a store.

We’re going to keep that tidbit filed away for our next run-in with the Pitch Perfect star!
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