Tom Cruise Reenacting His Entire Movie Career With James Corden Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today


Tom Cruise may be a one of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers but it’s clear the seasoned actor doesn’t take himself too seriously!

The Jack Reacher star recently swung by the Late Late Show where he and James Corden had a bit of fun reenacting his legendary film career in the span of about nine minutes.

The duo kicked things off with a little Top Gun where Cruise uttered one of his most famous movie lines of all time: “I feel the need. The need for speed.”

Cruise and Corden got quite a few chuckles when they reached the actor’s role in the 2008 comedy, Tropic Thunder. The crowd went wild when Cruise proved he still had the moves to get down to Flo Rida’s “Low” just like he did in the movie.

While Corden and Cruise’s rendition of all five Mission: Impossible films definitely went over well with audience members, the highlight of the segment came during the pair’s reenactment of Jerry Maguire.

Corden assumed Cuba Gooding Jr.’s role of Rod Tidwell during the bit that found him and Cruise recreating the moment that Tidwell screams, “Show me the money!” over the phone to Jerry. The moment was made infinitely better when Gooding Jr. himself showed up to make a cameo in the scene!

“What are you doing?” asked Gooding Jr., before taking taking the phone away and reenacting the scene himself with Cruise.

Check out the rest of the clip to see which other films Cruise and Corden reenacted together:

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