This Woman’s Story About How Her Parents Met Is Blowing Everyone’s Minds

Family stories eventually become mythology, especially the stuff we’re not alive to witness. For instance, the night your parents met. If they’re around, they’ve probably told you about, or some edited version, and we remember it for its significance. The Beginning Of You. Twitter user @LezIsMore asked their follower for their folk’s stories:

A lot of these replies are cute, but about what you’d expect. A pleasant walk down memory lane, except for the high rate of divorce:

But then Twitter user @_adrxante changed the game with this anecdote:

No one could believe that someone would keep chatting with a random guy who called them from jail, but @_adrxante insisted it was true:

Her story really blew up, so she called her folks to tell them their love story was viral gold. 

People still didn’t believe her, so she showed that she’d been tweeting the same story for awhile:

That doesn’t prove the story is true, but at least she’s consistent. And when her dad got outta jail, he went to visit the woman who had becomes his pen pal.

She asked her dad who he had meant to call all those years ago, but he “couldn’t remember.”

But he covered it up with this sweet message:

Ooh, he really is a charmer.

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