This Mini *NSYNC Reunion Pic Proves Things Haven’t Changed Much Between The Boy Banders

😜nightly night @lancebass,” Fatone wrote on his funny picture.


Instagram Photo


In the snap, Fatone is seen messing with Bass, who has fallen asleep, sunglasses and all. Bass also posted the picture captioning it, “Same ole Joey 🙄.”

These two frequently hang out together, and it’s not the first time Fatone has posted a plane picture with his longtime friend.


Instagram Photo

A few years ago the two were on a trip to New Orleans and of course, Fatone captured every moment of it.

Instagram Photo

While we’re not sure if these two singers are recreating that trip again this time around, Bass has posted a few photos from New Orleans over the past week, so it could be another BFF trip!

Instagram Photo


Now, if only all of the *NYSNC members could reunite for a trip, then our lives would really be complete!


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