‘This Is Us’ Could Go On For Several More Seasons

If you’re one of the many who have fallen in love with This Is Us, you can rest easy knowing that the Pearsons are here to stay for quite a while.

Back in January, NBC made our dreams come true when they renewed mega-hit This Is Us for season 2 and season 3 in one fell swoop.

The task of fleshing out two more seasons that are good enough to rival the series’ first might seem daunting to outsiders, but showrunner Dan Fogleman isn’t worried about running out of heartfelt stories to tell about the likes of Kate (Chrissy Metz), Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kevin (Justin Hartley), Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), and Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fogleman revealed that he has “already mapped out several more seasons” of the breakout series.

In his interview with THR, Fogleman assured fans that they don’t have to worry about the dreaded sophomore slump when it comes to season 2. When asked what fans can expect from this month’s premiere episode, the showrunner teased that they’ll be hitting us with an episode that is “as strong as any” we’ve seen before.

Fogleman isn’t the only one who’s convinced season 2 is going to be just as great, if not better.

In a recent interview with Variety’s Remote Controlled podcast, Sterling K. Brown echoed Fogleman’s sentiments, joking that This Is Us season 2 is “cooking like Crisco.”

“You have the smallest amount of fear that there will be a sophomore slump, and you read [the first episode of season 2] and you’re like, ‘No,’” said Brown. “The stories shift and we go deeper into the past and further into the future.”

As much as we’re looking forward to learning more about the Pearson family history, we’re especially excited to see what the future holds for The Big Three.

As it stands Kate, Kevin, and Randall are coming up on their 37th birthdays, and it’s clear there’s going to be tons of changes in store.

Randall’s still dealing with the loss of his birth father (played by Ron Cephas Jones), while Kate is hellbent on pursuing her dreams of becoming a musician. There’s excitement in store for Kevin as well, who’s booked a major film role starring opposite season 2 guest star, Sylvester Stallone.

With so many big plot points set to develop in season 2, it’s no wonder why the cast and crew of This Is Us aren’t worried about keeping our attention when the series returns with new episodes!

This Is Us season 2 premieres at 9 p.m. on NBC on Tuesday, September 26.

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