This ‘7th Heaven’ Reunion Will Make You Want To Hug Your Sister


7th Heaven forever!

TV sisters equal sisters for life, at least when it comes to Beverly Mitchell, Jessica Biel and Mackenzie Rosman.

It’s been more than 20 years since we were first introduced to the Camden family which included three sisters, Mary (Biel), Lucy (Mitchell) and Ruthie (Roseman). What’s even more insane is that even after the show wrapped 10 years ago, these three TV siblings are still as close as ever.

In fact, they have semi-frequent reunions that fans are MAJOR supporters of.

The most recent sister reunion was on Wednesday (February 8) and it was just as lovely as you’d imagine.

“#Wcw #sisters #family #love gushing on my blog!” Mitchell, who played middle sister Lucy on the hit series wrote on her photo.

Of course the women were all smiles as they reunited and spent the day together. Seriously, these ladies are SO cute and look like they really are family.


Instagram Photo


Mitchell, who is also a blogger, shared a little more love about her longtime friends online.

“I have been truly blessed with these two beautiful women who really are like sisters they me! They challenge me, they inspire me, and they make me a better person!,” she wrote on her blog post titled, “Sisters.”

The 36-year-old actress was all about the love, and pretty much said exactly what we were thinking while looking at this sweet photo.

“Though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, it is always like we have never been apart and I couldn’t be more thankful!!! I love these two beyond words and have to say that after a few hours together today my heart is full!” she concluded.

Our hearts are just as full after seeing these girls still bonded more than 20 years after starring on the series together.

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