The Most Adorable Service Member in WWII


A female Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky may well be the most adorable service member that served in World War II.

Smoky had been found in a foxhole by an American solider during the war. She was sold later to Cpl. Bill Wynne. During her stint, she became a wartime sensation, visiting injured soldiers to become one of the first therapy dogs.


Corporal Wynne realized that she was surprisingly easy to train, and she was soon aiding in the war effort. One such duty was stringing communication lines between outposts in the Philippines.

It became extremely important – vital even – that phone wires be strung to the airfield from three squadron areas. The culvert where it needed to run, however, was only 8 inches in diameter and 70-feet-long. If it had been dug by hand, it would have taken multiple men and days of work; not to mention planes would have had to have been moved. Smoky did it in just a few minutes.


Smoky was chosen First Prize Mascot in the YANK Contest from more than 400 entries.

After the war ended, Smoky and her loving owner traveled the country and performing on local TV shows.

She died in 1957, but a statue was erected in Cleveland, Ohio. Corporal Wynne, however, is still with us. At 91, he still remembers her heroic efforts.



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