The Internet Is Talking About #LoudBlackGirls, And We're Listening

When #LoudBlackGirls started trending on Twitter, it was easy to assume the worst because, well…it’s the internet.

Clicking through and finding the source of the hashtag revealed something else all together.

Erica Garner, daughter of the late Eric Garner, said in a recent town hall meeting with President Obama that she had to be belligerent to be heard.


Yo this town hall that presidential town hall #abc arranged is a farce. It was nothing short of full exploitation of Black pain and grief

— officialERICA GARNER (@es_snipes) July 14, 2016


When social activist Femenista Jones heard the details, she decided to take to Twitter to comment:

Erica Garner said she had to be belligerent to be heard.

I have a thread somewhere about Black girls/women and the “loud” stereotype

— Feminista Jones (@FeministaJones) July 15, 2016

And here, the hashtag was born:

When I read that from her, it resonated for me.

When I hear #LoudBlackGirls, I think of how many of us are routinely silenced by violence

— Feminista Jones (@FeministaJones) July 15, 2016


Femenista Jones kept tweeting, listing offences that famous African American women throughout history had to stay silent in front of,  including her own personal account.  

She then invited others to chime in:


So all they can do is try to silence us so we don’t steal their shine and their power.


We not having it.#LoudBlackGirls

— Feminista Jones (@FeministaJones) July 15, 2016


And they did:


Agency, plain and simple. When my skin is black, my quiet is loud, my confidence is threatening, my joy – an affront. #LoudBlackGirls

— Brow Don’t Lie (@JenJamesBeauty) July 15, 2016


Telling us to be quiet, little ladies is telling us to be invisible until we’re needed. #loudblackgirls

— Reagan Gomez (@ReaganGomez) July 15, 2016


You’ll always be too loud for a world that never intended on listening to you #loudblackgirls

— . (@bellefromtumblr) July 15, 2016


Just leave this here #LoudBlackGirls

— Jane Q Fascist. (@thewayoftheid) July 15, 2016


I found my voice after Mike Brown was murdered 20 mins away from my house and ALL of my yt classmates were silent.

— fə-ˈlä-jə-ˈnwär (@philogynoir) July 15, 2016


Black Women are always too loud until you want us to show up at a protest to yell for you. #LoudBlackGirls

— Jameelah Jones, M.A (@sunnydaejones) July 15, 2016


I would post the tweets that trolls made using the hashtag while their wifi connection was still up and running, but they quickly fell to the bottom of the barrel as other tweets were liked and retweeted to the top.

You can follow (and join) the conversation on Twitter by using #LoudBlackGirls.

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