‘The Flash’ Star Grant Gustin Loses Adorable Race With Brandon Routh’s Son


Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen may be the fastest man alive, but his speedy skills were no match against one seriously adorable opponent who showed up on the set of The Flash!

Legends of Tomorrow actor Brandon Routh recently brought his son, Leo, to work with him where the youngster got the chance to go head-to-head in a good old fashioned foot race with The Flash himself.

Both Grant and Routh took to Instagram to share some adorable video footage from the race in which Leo wins by a landslide, shouting “I won!” as he crosses the makeshift finish line.


Instagram Photo


“Epic shoot day on location. @kimiles shot what will be 2 amazing sequences. The high point for me was losing to Leo,” wrote Gustin in the caption of the video. “He did get a slight head start though. And I think my leg cramped up a little. Also I think I had the wrong boots on.”

Routh regrammed the same video from Gustin’s account and added a cute caption of his own.

“When your dad is #Superman & #TheAtom but you heart #TheFlash,” wrote Routh. “HUGE props to the crazy talented and genuinely kind @grantgustin for being such a great sport!”

This is by far the most adorable footrace we’ve ever seen— props to Grant Gustin for being such a good sport!

The Flash returns to The CW in October.

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