Texas Man Busted for Having Sex With a Fence

A Texas man has been arrested and charged in a bizarre incident involving nudity and a fence.

32-year-old Eliodoro Estala was reported by a neighbor, Diana Vazquez, who spotted him urinating on her chain link fence on Wednesday at about 11:25 a.m. She decided to whip out her cell phone and record him. When he realized this, he decided to up it a notch.

He allegedly took off his clothes, performed pseudo-cunnilingus on the fence, then proceeded to unleash his erection and poke that on through as well.

When cops arrived, Mr. Estala denied the whole thing, claiming he’d been inside his home the entire time.

Ms. Vazquez, however, identified him as pervy perp.

He appeared highly intoxicated at the time and was arrested and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure charge and booked into the county jail.

He was later released on bond.


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