Taylor Swift Makes Rare Twitter Appearance To Congratulate NBA MVP Russell Westbrook

Taylor Swift is sort of back Twitter — and we have basketball to thank. Yes, basketball!

On Monday (June 27), pro basketball players descended upon New York City for the first-ever NBA Awards, and while Swift was not in attendance, she made sure to take part in the conversation by creating a congratulations video for Russell Westbrook, who took home the coveted titled of NBA MVP.

Swift, who has only tweeted once since January 2017, didn’t post anything on her own account. Instead, the singer praised Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook in a video posted to the Thunder Twitter account shortly after Westbrook was named NBA MVP.

.@taylorswift13 sings Russell’s praises! #0urMVP pic.twitter.com/5HgKeVrMsi

— OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) June 27, 2017


“Ah, Russell. It’s Taylor. Remember? I was the one who taught you basketball,” Swift says in the Twitter video that Oklahoma City Thunder posted on their page. “I was the one who taught you to dribble. To shoot hoops, y’know?”

Swift then told a story about her and the OKC player, which supposedly inspired her hit song, “Shake It Off” singer.

“And I remember the first time you beat me at basketball, and I was very upset, and you said — if you remember correctly — you said, ‘You just have to shake it off.’ And I got an idea,” Swift joked. “So, essentially, we have to thank each other for these careers. Obviously.”

Swift then admitted that the two have actually never met — shocking, right? — but that didn’t mean that Westbrook didn’t deserve her epic congratulations video, because he is SO good at basketball.

“So that’s why I’m part of your congratulations video because we go back, what? 20 years. Actually, we’ve never met and that’s a fake story but I wish that were the truth,” she continued. “You are amazing, you are the MVP, and I’m so happy for you. Sending you the biggest hug ever. Congratulations.”

This is SO random, and yet, it seems so right. Either way, we’re just glad to see Swift again! The singer has been a low-profile since going on hiatus at the beginning of the year, and if it takes basketball to bring her back — we’re all for it!

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)

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