Shawn Mendes Reveals The Celebrity Run In At A Taylor Swift Party That Left Him Starstruck

Shawn Mendes is a mega star in his own right, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to being starstruck. In fact, there is one singer who left him speechless at a party, and he’ll never forget that moment.

During an interview with UK’s Bizarre Life podcast, the 18-year-old singer explained the most bizarre party he’d ever attended, and the moment when he was left in awe by a specific singer while walking to the bathroom. Sounds like every celebrity party we’ve ever imagined, right?

So, who threw this “bizarre” bash that lead to a star sighting? Taylor Swift, duh!

“I once was at a Taylor Swift party and Jay Z and Beyoncé were there,” Mendes told Bizarre Life about the party. “And I was completely starstruck by Beyoncé.”

The Canadian singer then went on to explain what happened and what Queen Bey said to him that left him overwhelmed… at least for a few seconds.

“We were both headed to the bathroom, and I told her to go first. She said, ‘Thank you, honey,’ ” he recalled. “My night went on,” he added after revealing after pausing because of the excitement of the moment.

We’ve all heard about these epic Swift parties, and after hearing Mendes’ cool bathroom line story, we really want to attend. Okay, we’ve always wanted to be on the guest list for one of Swift’s bashes — especially that annual 4th of July celebration — but if you can run into Beyoncé it’s even more reason to get on the list.

(H/T The Point via TigerBeat)

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