Seth Rogen Admits He’s Using His Wife’s Makeup–And Twitter Was All About It

Seth Rogen isn’t embarrassed to admit that he uses a little makeup to hide the rare blemish or two before heading to the red carpet. Why should he be? It’s 2017, and men wear makeup. But Rogen still tweeted about it, perhaps expecting some form of mockery. He was dead wrong.

The whole world applauded Rogen’s makeup use, and many admitted to dipping their own fingers in the pot while their wives’ backs were turned. In fact, the only negative reaction he seemed to get were from people who think he should just buy his own dang concealer:

Though his wife’s color worked just fine:

There was only one other complaint:

If you’re lucky, you’ll grow up to have a spouse who won’t smack your fingers every time you reach for their makeup bag. 

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