Priyanka Chopra’s Ultimate Career Goal Goes Beyond Acting And Singing

Priyanka Chopra is a triple threat — as an actor, singer, and producer —  so it come as no surprise that her ultimate career goal encompasses all three of her talents…and more!

After being presented with the LinkedIn Power Profile Award recently, the 35-year-old actress sat down with a group of kids and chatted all about her LinkedIn profile, life, and career goals. After going through her array of accomplishments thus far, the young interviewers asked Chopra what she ultimately hopes to do — and the actress had an interesting answer.

“Everything,” Chopra told the children during her LinkedIn Power Profiles interview. “Why do you have to choose one?”

Once the Quantico star pointed out that in school you usually have more than one favorite subject, and that’s a good thing, she expanded on her answer revealing that the sky really is the limit if you’re willing to try something new.

“I don’t think that you have to stop at one thing at all. Life is so amazing, especially today’s day in age, we where we are, we can just decide to do anything and that opportunity can become real,” she explained. “I want to break the rules in a good way!”

Chopra has made her way from being an Bollywood film star to the lead on an American TV series with Quantico, has been named Miss World, can sing, and has a major love for philanthropy, so if anyone knows how to break the rules in a good way, it’s her!


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