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Pokemon GO Has Made Over $14 Million Already

Pokemon GO‘s microtransactions are optional, but that hasn’t stopped the outrageously popular game from generating a massive profit in just under a week.

Pokemon GO has been an explosive success for Nintendo and Niantic thus far, climbing to the top of the app stores. The game also quickly rose through the ranks of highest-grossing apps, though there was no way to know exactly how much the game had earned. A new report has now emerged confirming that many gamers have opted to make microtransaction purchases, propelling the game into generating millions in its first few days.

SuperData Research, a company that specializes in game and playable media market research, has released an estimate of the app’s profits thus far. Though the game hasn’t even been out for a full week yet, the group has estimated that Pokemon GO has already generated $14.04 million across all of the mobile platforms it’s available on. This is a staggering amount, which for comparison sake, is nearly the identical amount of profit that Pokemon Shuffle has managed to generate since its release in August of 2015.

Pokemon GO isn’t just surpassing its own franchise, either. While Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter experienced a similar level of success, rising to the number one most-downloaded spot on the app stores, it only generated $5.1 million in its first two weeks. At the time, that figure was extremely impressive, but it now pales in comparison to Pokemon GO‘s success.

Pokemon Go Tops iOS App Store on Launch Day – Pokemon trades

It remains to be seen if Pokemon GO can hold on to the extraordinary popularity it has generated thus far, but there’s no arguing that it’s been a huge financial boon for Nintendo. After years of struggling with multiple consoles not achieving major popularity and seeing major financial losses, Nintendo’s shares have soared since the release of Pokemon GO. This success has been achieved despite the fact that Pokemon GO‘s worldwide release has been delayed, meaning that there are still major markets out there that Nintendo and Niantic haven’t been able to reach just yet.

Pokemon GO is essentially a simplistic mobile game, and some have stated outright that at its core, Pokemon GO is a bad game. However, the majority of Pokemon fans have leapt at the opportunity to have the Pokemon trainer experience in (augmented) real life. Although the developers need to iron out some problems with server crashes, with more updates on the way promising features like Pokemon GO trading with other players, chances are the game’s popularity won’t diminish for quite some time.

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Pokemon GO is out now in select territories for Android and iOS devices.