‘PLL’ Star Shay Mitchell Perfectly Channels Elle Woods From ‘Legally Blonde’: ‘What Like It’s Hard?’


Shay Mitchell may best be known for playing Emily on Pretty Little Liars, but over the weekend, the actress decided to channel another brainy student when she found herself back east.

Mitchell, who recently visited Cambridge, Massachusetts, just couldn’t resist channeling her inner Elle Woods when she found herself in the Harvard University area. Lucky for us, Mitchell chose to strike a pose amidst leaf strewn streets and picturesque brick walls in an effort to truly capture the moment.

The photo features Mitchell leaning casually against a wall wearing a Harvard hoodie. Fittingly, the Pretty Little Liars star captioned it with one of the most iconic lines from Legally Blonde.

“‘What, like it’s hard?!’” wrote Mitchell via Instagram. “Harvard mood: Elle Woods.”

Instagram Photo

Something tells us Reese Witherspoon would totally approve!

Mitchell recently wrapped her last day ever on Pretty Little Liars and marked the occasion by releasing an emotional goodbye letter to the show via her YouTube channel. It’s nice to see the actress is taking a well deserved break after 7 years of hard work on the series, but we’re totally looking forward to seeing what’s next for her.

Perhaps this is her way of letting us all know she plans on hitting the books for a while before booking her next acting gig? Either way, we wish Shay Mitchell and the rest of our favorite Liars the best as they take the next step in their respective careers!

Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform for its final season in April 2017.

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