Picture Of Justin Bieber Eating Lunch Goes Viral For Creepy Reason


Probably the first time I’ve felt sorry for Justin Bieber. The poor guy can’t even go for chicken without a mob of baying fans tailing him.

— Joe Ellison (@Chevychased) March 17, 2017

An eye-opening photo giving a window into Justin Bieber’s hectic lifestyle went viral.

Even on a secret island in Queensland, Biebs wasn’t able to pop to Chargrill Charlie’s chicken joint on Friday afternoon without being completely mobbed.

Messages of sympathy for Justin rolled in when people had the stark realisation of how difficult it must be to try and live a normal life when people are so obsessed with you.

Saw Justin Bieber eating lunch. First time I’ve felt bad for the guy. How hard it must be to be smothered where ever you go

— pixelhazard (@pixelhazard) March 17, 2017

The Love Yourself singer is currently on tour in Australia and just wanted a spot of lunch while the police kept the screaming fans armed with selfie sticks at bay.

It looks like the most awkward lunch ever. Imagine trying to talk about anything meaningful while you’re just being watched.

Say it louder for the people in the back biebo

— j (@godstanbieber) March 17, 2017

He did finally give his fans a bit of love after finishing his meal.

He said to them:

The more you guys scream and act like animals, the less we can have a conversation.

Who touched my face, don’t touch my face.

(20) Another video of Justin Bieber spotted out in Sydney, Australia today. (March 17)

— (@JBCGiveaway) March 17, 2017

And then poor Biebs had to literally fun away from the screaming girls.

They all followed of course. I think he’ll be ordering room service next time.

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