Pennsylvania Teacher’s Aide Stands Accused of Sex With at Least Two Students


A teacher’s aide in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania was taken into custody after having sexual contact with at least two male students.

42-year-old Sheri Maufort was a substitute teacher’s aide at Unionville High School and had substituted in a classroom at the school on multiple occasions. The two victims were students in said class.

She allegedly contacted the first victim, a male under the age of 18, by text, and asked him to come outside of his home to meet with her. He got into her car and they drove off.

She’s said to have supplied him with alcohol, parked her car at a restaurant, then pair walked into a field where she kissed him and performed oral sex on him.

She purportedly told him not tell anyone, and to call her when he turned 18.

Her husband even showed up at the restaurant where she’d parked and drove the teen home.

About three weeks later, she contacted the second victim. This one was 18, but as a student, is off limits.

This victim ran into the teacher’s aide at an after-party for a high school football game. She drove off with the student, and after parking, kissed and fondled him. She then took him back to the party.

The two incidents took place in August and September of this year. They were reported to authorities on November 11th.

She’s been charged with numerous counts of institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with minor, endangering welfare of children, and corruption of minors.


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