Pennsylvania Stripper Agrees to Sell Her Baby for $1,700 – She’s Sued When She Doesn’t

A stripper who’d made a deal to sell her newborn daughter for $1,700 backed out of that deal, and her intentions were only realized when the woman who was going to buy the baby girl took her to court.

22-year-old Keanaendigo James is now wanted on charges of theft and dealing in infant children.

The so-called mother says she was “acting in the best interests of her daughter,” who was born in July, when she signed a notarized agreement to sell her daughter to the woman last month.

She took the money, but never handed over the baby.

The would-be buyer then filed a civil lawsuit to get her money back. Ms. James appeared at the October 25th hearing and agreed to return the $1,700 to the woman.

The child is now in the care of her father.


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