Pennsylvania Mother is Accused of Feeding Her 4-Year-Old Stepson Laxative-Laced Beans and Hot Sauce, Among Other Things


A Pennsylvania stepmother now stands accused of feeding her  4-year-old stepson laxative-laced beans and hot sauce as just part of a history of abuse.

Authorities say Danielle Miller locked the little boy in a closet for hours at a time, often tormenting him further by scratching on the walls and telling him that rats were coming to get him.

She was purportedly resentful because the young victim was Nathan Duke’s (above, right) child with another woman. Mr. Duke was also charged because he didn’t do anything to stop the abuse.

Danielle is also alleged to have beaten, bound, burned, and called the boy a pig.

The boy, who is now living with relatives, was fed so-called “poop beans,” which are a laxative concoction. He was “bound at the legs” in what Ms. Miller called “playing mermaid.”

He was also deprived of water for long periods of time, and was forced to stay on a toilet for hours on end.

The two adults were arrested and arraigned Monday morning, and three other kids living in their home were taken by authorities.

Danielle Miller was charged with aggravated assault, endangering a child, false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, terroristic threats, reckless endangerment and harassment. Nathan Duke was charged with conspiracy and endangerment.


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