Pennsylvania Mother Brutally Beats Her Daughter for Reciting Bible Verses Wrong

A mother in Middletown, Pennsylvania was arrested on March 14th after she brutally beat her daughter and kicked her out for reciting Bible verses wrong.

41-year-old Rhonda Kemp Shoffner allegedly carried out the incident on her under-13 daughter after the girl had just awoken from a nap.

Ms. Shoffner, who her daughter says was drunk for three straight days, told her to call several family members. When no one answered, she then ordered the victim to get on her knees in the bathroom.

This, according to the preteen, meant she was about to get beaten. She begged her not to and did everything she could to avoid getting on her knees. She says this enraged her mother who then yelled, “Get on your fucking knees!”

When she finally complied, her mother started quoting Bible verses and expected her daughter to follow suit – verbatim.

“What did God tell the man to do with his son?” her mother asked her.

When she replied, “God said to forgive his son,” her mother said, “God told the man to kill his son” and grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head against the wall.

Each time the girl incorrectly recited a verse or gave her mother a wrong answer, Shoffner slammed her head into the wall, police said. Shoffner slammed her daughter’s head into the bathroom drywall at least five times, according to police.

The victim tried to defend herself, but her mother started kicking her. She begged her mom to stop, but instead, she told her to get on her back. She did as she was told.

That’s when her mother told her, “I’m gonna kill you, bitch!” then started strangling her.

As the victim continued to fight for her life, her mother bit her left forearm before biting her left shoulder, according to cops.

As she continued defending herself as best she could, her mother finally stopped and said, “Just leave and don’t ever come back!”

The girl grabbed her phone, coat and shoes and took off down the street. She then called her father, who drove her to the police station after hearing what had transpired.

Ms. Shoffner was charged with aggravated assault against a child, strangulation, and terroristic threats.

As one might imagine, this wasn’t mommy’s first brush with the law – not even the first this year.

Back on February 10th, cops had responded to a domestic dispute call after neighbors reported hearing loud arguing.

When arriving officers knocked on the front door, no one answered. But a window on the second floor opened and a half-naked Shoffner peered out and starting screaming profanities at them.

She responded by flipping them the bird and telling them, “If you come through my front door, I’ve got something for you!”

That incident brought a charge of open lewdness and disorderly conduct.

Her preliminary hearings on both sets of charges are scheduled for March 29th.


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