Pennsylvania Couple is Busted for Performing Sex Acts With a Dog and Recording it


A newly-married Pennsylvania was busted after his own sister gave a camera containing damning video evidence of sex acts with a dog to cops.

19-year-old Rachael Harris and 24-year-old Corey Harris were charged for her acts with the dog, and his filming of those acts.

Corey’s sister brought her brother’s camera to a local SPCA office about two weeks ago after she found the disturbing videos on it. The SPCA, in turn, summoned a state trooper who seized the camera as evidence.

Authorities got a search warrant, then downloaded four videos from the camera that featured Rachael on top the dog “attempting manipulation of the dog’s penis into her vagina.”

She was also seen “attempting to allow the dog to perform oral sex on her vagina” and “masturbating the dog with her hand in a rapid motion back and forth.”

Corey’s sister, Sheila, identified Rachael as the girl with the dog. She likewise identified her brother as the voice behind the camera.

The videos were reportedly recorded in late September at the couple’s home.

The couple was charged Tuesday with numerous counts of animal cruelty and obscenity. Rachael was hit with more charges for physically participating in the acts with the dog.

The charges are misdemeanors.

They have their preliminary hearing on January 11th.


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