Pennsylvania Couple is Busted for Having Sex in a Parking Lot With Two Kids in the Car

A Pennsylvania couple has been arrested and charged after a cop caught them with their pants down on January 17th, having sex in a parking lot, and in full view of two kids in the backseat.

26-yeaar-old Taylor Skursky and 28-year-old Torrey Rudisill were busted when a passerby called 911 claiming that “two people were having sexual intercourse” in a car parked outside of an outlet mall in Gettysburg.

A state trooper responded to the call and found them having sex in the front seat of the black Honda Accord, with two young children in the back.

The disgraced duo were both charged with disorderly conduct. Rudisill was on a prison work release program.

He was priors including careless driving, criminal trespass, theft, disorderly conduct, harassment, and resisting arrest.


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