PCAs Rewind: Whoopi Goldberg Thanks The People’s Choice Awards For Her Career Revivals At 1994 Show


In 1994, Whoopi Goldberg won her second People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actress in a Comedy Motion Picture. She won it the next two years as well!

When Goldberg took the stage she was very excited for the award and to be honored again.

“Hi. Déjà vu. Hey. Okay, okay, so this is the second time I’ve been here,” she said.

She then went on to explain why she was so happy, and it’s because she saw the PCAs as her career good luck charm.

“I’m very pleased about this because my career keeps dying and coming back and dying and coming back and every time it dies I get a People’s Choice Award and it comes back, so thank you!” she explained.



Goldberg then got down to the “must thanks” before leaving the stage.

“Thank you to Disney for, this is for Sister Act and they’re the people who did it,” she said. “I just want to say thank you to folks over at Touchstone, because they made a movie, ya. So thank you very much and good night.”

Now we want to watch both Sister Act and Sister Act 2 right away… and sing along of course!

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