PCAs Rewind: Oprah Shares Her 2004 Award With The People, Because She’s Wonderful


Who doesn’t love Oprah?

Before Ellen DeGeneres took the title of Favorite Talk Show Host (for years now), Oprah was the talk show host to love and watch.

In 2004 she won the coveted title and of course dedicated the win to her loving and supportive fans.

“Yes! Thank you. Hi, Reba,” Oprah said, after seeing the one and only Reba in the audience

Once she regained her focus she talked to, and for, her fans.

“Well, you know what I feel like I should be giving this award to the people, to the people who have supported me eighteen years on the most amazing journey,” she said. “I really do thank you all for voting for me, thank you, for us. The Harpo family who makes it all possible.”


Not only did she thank the fans for their love, but she revealed how grateful she was for the job she had for SO many years.

“I thank you for the opportunity to speak and talk and use my voice in a way that I believe is a force for something really good on the air, so I will continue to do that and thank you, people!”

Now all we need is a talk show that combines all-things Oprah and Ellen and our lives would be complete.

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