PCAs Rewind: Jennifer Garner Shares Love With ‘Alias’ Fans From Home During 2006 Acceptance Speech


In 2006, Jennifer Garner won both Favorite Female TV Star and Female Action Star.

Even though she had just had her first child, Violet, Garner made sure she could be there in spirit to thank her fans.

After her two awards were announced, she used a video conference to talk to the award show, and what she said was so sweet.

“Thank you, thank you so much Dominic, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, I’ve been a little busy,” she said.

She clearly was busy, you know being a new mom, but she had to tell her fans how much she loved them as well.

“But, I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Thank you to all the Alias fans you guys have been behind us from the beginning, and this is such a beautiful tribute in the end,” she said.



Garner then promised her fans a great finale and one more thank you before heading back to her family.

“I can’t wait to go back to work, we’re going to give you a great finale,” she revealed. “Thank you, thank you so much for this, it really means everything.”

The fact that Garner didn’t even let having a baby stand in her way of connecting with her fans, just proves how wonderful she really is.

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