PCAs Rewind: Ben Affleck Gives A Heartfelt And Empowering Speech At The 2015 Show


Ben Affleck might play a superhero in movies, but he’s kind of a hero in real life as well.

In 2015, Affleck won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Humanitarian and his speech was totally moving. It not only revealed why he was such a great fit for the award, but it also honored those who he considered to be the real heroes.

“Stop, thank you very much, I appreciate it. This is very heavy, if anyone ever breaks into my house, watch out!” Affleck joked.

After getting a few laughs, Affleck thanked his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice co-star and the award presenter, Amy Adams, and it was SO sweet.

“This is incredibly humbling, watching that I was embarrassed. Thank you Amy by the way, an astonishing actress and a wonderful person and I hope that I am lucky enough not to just be in more movies where you’re Lois Lane, but more movies with you in general,” he said. “It’s been a true gift and privilege, so thank you and thank you for this.”

If that isn’t enough of a reason to love Affleck’s speech, he revealed that he isn’t the one who should be called a “humanitarian.” There are so many other people who he believes has earned that title, not him.

“You know I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but I’m not sure humanitarian until recently has ever been one of them. To be honest it’s something that I have a hard time accepting, because I’ve had the privilege alongside so many incredible people in Congo and all over the world, who I assure you are far more deserving,” Affleck explained.

It’s the people fighting the daily fight that he thinks deserve the praise.

“And I’ve been lucky to work with real humanitarians, people who in the face of incredible challenges of war, poverty, and disease, dedicate every waking moment to rebuilding their countries and a better future for their families and their communities,” he continued. “That’s really on whose behalf I want to accept this award. On behalf of the people in the Eastern Congo initiative and all of our partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”


The people from Eastern Congo are the real reason Affleck got involved with helping others in the project he was honored for. They were truly an inspiration to the actor.

“They inspire me everyday with their relentless optimism and perseverance and sometimes the world is just a scary and terrible place and bad things happen and they’re hard to understand and they make us feel afraid and helpless,” he told the audience.

Through their strength, Affleck learned how to try and make the world a better place.

“The one thing I’ve learned from watching people, better at it and smarter about it and more dedicated than I am is that by trying to do even just a little bit whether it’s in another country, or our county, or supporting our troops or sending five dollars over the internet, the one way to combat the sad things we see, the terrible things that we see is to try and bring a little bit of kindness to the world and show that our country is about reaching out and helping our fellow man,” he explained.

After cheering subsided, and rightfully so, Affleck continued.

“So I want to thank the People’s Choice Awards and Walgreens for supporting their work. We’re at Easterncongo.org you can go to give if you want to help us out,” he said.

Not forgetting the people, he added in a few final words.

“This is an incredible honor, I can’t say that I am deserving, but I am privilege to be among the many, many people who have done great work. Thank you very much,” Affleck concluded.

Wow, just wow.

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