‘Parenthood’ Star On Revival: ‘There’s Been Some Talks’

We said goodbye to Parenthood and the Bravermans in 2015, but with all of the current TV revivals taking over our screens these days, fans want more from the tight-knit family!

On Tuesday (Aug. 8), Monica Potter, who played the fearless and fierce Kristina Braverman for six seasons, shared a picture from her Parenthood days on Twitter, and ever since fans have been calling for a reunion series.

“Now where did this come from?,” Potter captioned a picture of her Parenthood set chair along with the names of all of her fellow cast mates, including Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Mae Whitman, and more.

This sweet throwback caused many fans to reply back begging for the NBC drama to return. Despite their cries, Potter revealed that she has another show she is currently working on Wisdom of the Crowd for CBS, so a reunion might have to wait.

“Reunion rumors aren’t true, but I love how much you ❤️Parenthood! I’ll always miss my Parenthood family but I’m so excited for @wisdomcbs!,” she tweeted on Wednesday alongside pictures with her new cast doing press for the CBS series.

Later that day, Potter gave Parenthood fans renewed hope in a revival, after visiting her old lot and running into a few guys who worked with her when the Bravermans had that stage number. Their excitement over the rumors of a Parenthood reboot, paired with fans comments, had Potter rethinking what could happen for her former TV family.

“Maybe I spoke too soon – I was back at the old Parenthood set and there’s been some talk. I hope in the future the Bravermans will reunite❤️,” she revealed, and we’re low-key freaking out over here.

Now where did this come from? @thelaurengraham @ERIKAjaneC @Sam_Jaeger @daxshepard1 @sarahramos @maebirdwing @milesdheizer @realjoybryant

— Monica Potter (@monicapotter) August 8, 2017

While Potter is clearly working on a different show as of now, she’s not ruling out a Parenthood revival, which is BIG news. Plus, if there really have “been some talk” in regards to a Braverman reunion, who knows, maybe Parenthood will be back before we know it!

What do you think of a Parenthood revival? Do you want more from the Braverman clan?

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