Paige Spiranac And Britt McHenry Battle On Twitter Over Posing Nude For ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’

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Remember that time a couple years back when Britt McHenry dehumanized that parking lot attendant for doing her job? Or how about just two months ago when she took a swipe at Craig Sager’s son on the anniversary of his father’s death? Time and time again, the ex-ESPN employee turned Fox News contributor has revealed herself as someone who would be an awful party guest. She seems like the kind of person to hit the thumbs down button on YouTube for a puppies compilation video.

McHenry, who has a perpetual axe to grind, decided to direct her vitriol today at SI Swimsuit models who pose nude. And I, for one, will not stand for that. 2018 SI Swimsuit photos are beginning to leak the world wide web, and Britt McHenry ain’t impressed. Check out her gripe below:

Why does a woman have to pose nude to feel “empowered”? Isn’t it more empowering to keep your clothes on, go into an office or classroom like everyone else and excel? #SISwimSuit desperately wanting to compete with IG models with gimmicks.

— Britt McHenry (@BrittMcHenry) February 13, 2018

Golfer and model Paige Spiranac revealed last week that she was going to be featured in the 2018 SI Swimsuit edition and as an official ambassador for anti-cyber bullying organization Cybersmile, she plans to use the platform to shine more light on the cause.

Spiranac decided to subtweet McHenry. A brave soul. I shall dub this ‘Battle of the Blondes.’

Different women feel empowered in different ways and it’s not right to tell someone what they can and cannot do. It’s more about the person you are and not the clothes you decide or not decide to wear. My body, my choice.

— Paige Spiranac (@PaigeSpiranac) February 13, 2018

I agree it’s your body to do what you want. But posing nude is a way to ascertain empowerment through vanity. I don’t think, and this goes for both genders, it’s the best way to receive reciprocal respect or empowerment. Just my opinion though.

— Britt McHenry (@BrittMcHenry) February 13, 2018

Dropping the hammer in 3, 2, 1…

Thanks, I will☺💕

— Paige Spiranac (@PaigeSpiranac) February 13, 2018

This comment made Britt unhinged.

Ok, but you’ve literally cried at press conferences about how you’re not taken seriously in golf. Anyone can pose naked, and yet this is your response to a civil discussion. You’re both beautiful…and attention-seeking.

— Britt McHenry (@BrittMcHenry) February 13, 2018

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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