Your Old Pokémon Cards Are Worth A Hell Of A Lot Of Money

Ever since Pokémon Go was announced, all the world has been able to see is people in the street trying to find Pokémon, or chatting about it on social media.

And why the fuck not? It’s so good. Like, it’s better than any Xbox or PlayStation game I’ve ever played. It’ll get boring eventually, but I feel like I’m living the life of Ash Ketchum, so for now it’s fucking brilliant.

But of course, before Pokémon Go, there were Pokémon cards. The gateway to modern day Poké battles.

Back in the day they’d set you back £3, and that money probably wasn’t coming out of your pocket, it came out of your mum’s.

Now, though, those cards will get you a decent amount of dosh.

If you’ve somehow still got a full Base Set Booster Box, get it sold. You’ll be shifting hella coin.

Credit: eBay

If you haven’t got the full box, but have certain unopened packs out of the box, then you could still be quids in.

These packs are going from anywhere between £20 and £200.

Credit: eBay

Back in the day it was all about getting as many cards as you could. It didn’t matter if our decks couldn’t fit in our hands; we wanted to, well, catch ’em all.

Unfortunately you’d get about 15 of each card and never come across the likes of Mewtwo or a shiny Raichu. However, if you were one of those bastards who did complete the entire set, put it up for sale, you’re sitting on a gold mine.

Credit: eBay

Finally comes the time of the holy grail. The bread and butter. The Mona Lisa of the Pokemon world. I don’t even have to say it because you already fucking know what it is. It’s a shiny Charizard, of course.

Rarer than a glimmer of hope from Donald Trump, the legacy of a shiny Charizard left us quizzical, questioning its existence. But of course it existed, and those who have one could now cash in.

The firey bastard is going for several thousand pounds.

What the fuck are you waiting for? Get that shit on eBay.