Ohio Woman Called in a Fake Amber Alert So Cops Would Find Her Stolen Car Faster

A woman in Columbus, Ohio decided to try and get her stolen car back faster by telling cops that her young daughter was in the backseat.

22-year-old Jessica Pickett says she’d left her car running with her 4-year-old daughter in it as she went back in the house to get her other children, ages 5 and 2.

Her story fell apart when someone called a tip line that had been set up to find the young girl, and this person told investigators that her daughter wasn’t missing, but at her aunt’s house without a scratch on her. She’d been there since the night before.

When cops confronted her, she admitted she’d made the story up in hopes that her stolen car would become a higher priority.

She was charged with misdemeanor falsification and all three of her kids were taken into protective custody.

Her car was indeed eventually found, and 22-year-old Bradley Stroud was charged with grand theft auto.


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