Ohio Mother Beats a Bus Driver Because Her Daughter Missed Her Ride to School

A school bus full of horrified youngsters watched helplessly as a Cincinnati mother beat up their bus driver after her daughter missed a ride to school.

Keisha Shannon pulled out in front of the bus en route to St. Joseph’s Catholic School, blocking it with her car before prying open the doors and screaming at the bus driver, Deamber Martin, who refused to let her daughter board the bus late.

“That was so ignorant,” the 28-year-old mother can be heard screaming in newly released footage from the bus’ security camera. “Did you see me coming on this bus though, right? You see me getting my baby on this though right?”

Despite her injuries, which include a popped blood vessel in her eye in addition to bite marks and bruises, Martin said the worst part of the incident was the children’s presence.

“For them to have to see their bus driver go into a defense mode like that, it was scary,” she said. “No bus driver should ever have to experience what I went through.”

Shannon is facing misdemeanor assault charges for the October attack.


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