Odell Beckham Jr. Just Got His Entire Right Leg Tattooed Of Various Influential Figures And It’s Pretty Dope

Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo

The tattoo includes, but is not limited to, the following characters:

Martin Luther King Jr.
Heath Ledger as the Joker
Allen Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue.
Michael Jackson
Tyson vs. Holyfield
Lil Wayne
Muhammed Ali
Malcolm X

Odell was smart for choosing mostly dead figures to plaster on his limb for all eternity. You never know in this day and age who is going to turn out to be a sexual predator. For the longest time I thought Matt Lauer was one of them asexual types.

When you’re taking your mid-afternoon dump, check out some other work done by Odell’s tattoo artist. Pretty incredible stuff.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

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