Nick Jonas Had The Sweetest ‘Scream Queens’ Reunion During The ‘Future Now’ Tour


Nick Jonas’ time on Scream Queens may have been short, but his character, Boone Clemens, left a lasting impression.

Boone made quite the splash on the first season of Ryan Murphy’s dark comedy as a member of the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity. And of course, we can’t mention Boone without bringing up his bestie, and fellow Dickie Dollar frat brother, Chad Radwell.

As it turns out, Jonas and Chad actor Glen Powell didn’t just play friends on the series— they’re actually buddies in real life, too! The pair even had a mini Scream Queens reunion of their own on Monday (Aug. 1) when Powell made it out to one of Jonas’ Future Now Tour shows.

Amidst catching up, the friends also took a second to snap a photo together which Jonas then posted on his Instagram.

Instagram Photo


“Chad and Boone reunion today at the Chula Vista stop of the Honda Civic Future Now Tour,” wrote Jonas in the caption of the shot.

We love knowing that our favorite Wallace University bros still find time to hang out despite the fact that Jonas isn’t on the series anymore!

Scream Queens returns to Fox for season 2 on Sept. 20.

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