Nick Cannon Is Throwing The ‘Coolest House Party’ With New Nickelodeon Show

Nickelodeon is bringing the party with its new series Musical Dares, and Nick Cannon is of course ready to bring the fun as its creator and host.

Business Wire reports that Nickelodeon has just ordered 10 episodes of the new digital short-form series, Musical Dares. A “twist on the classic concept of musical chairs,” the show will air on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel.

“Musical Dares is the hyper-real version of the coolest house party ever,” Cannon said in a press release via Business Wire. “It’s a game show and dance party all rolled into one big, fun, silly, messy spectacle. Bring your strategy and stamina…you will need it!”

Viewers who tune in can expect a live-action gameshow that combines physical competition, real kid contestants, and a giant dance party. Plus, with Cannon on board as the creator and executive producer you know it’s going to be fun from start to finish.

According to the network, Musical Dares will have multiple rounds of competition, comprised of “unique and messy twists” throughout. Each dare will test the contestants who must continually dance and race to a chair, like a classic musical chairs game, to try and win prizes.

As the first original short-form series for Nickelodeon, we can’t wait to see what happens when Musical Dares gets to filming (production is set to begin this summer), and eventually airs on YouTube!

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