Niall Horan Talks About The Moment He Learned ‘Flicker’ Hit Number One

As his fans already know, Niall Horan’s debut album, Flicker, hit the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart just weeks after it was released, and while walking the carpet at the Country Music Awards in Nashville on Wednesday (Nov. 8), Horan caught up with Billboard and talked all about the honor.

“Thank you very much. That’s all you want to hear,” Horan told Billboard when the reporter congratulated him on his number one album. “When you write something you want to hear, ‘you went number one on the Billboard Top 200,’ and that’s the news I got.”

As for where the “This Town” singer was when he learned about the number one spot, Horan explained he was actually about to go on stage for one of his Flicker Sessions 2017 shows.

“I was in Philadelphia about 45 minutes from going on stage. My manager came up to me, he’s quite a relaxed guy, he came up to me and was like, ‘it’s official,’ and I was just like, ‘woah,’” Horan recalled. “I knew that we were a little bit ahead, but it’s not over ‘til it’s over type thing. But, just pure excitement. The show that night was just a different level, because I was so excited about it.”

The Irishman is the third former One Direction member to have a number one record, which is a big deal, because the only other band to have that happen with solo careers was The Beatles!

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