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These Are the Most Colorful Places on Earth

You can find color wherever you go, but there are some places that leave more vivid memories than others. If you’re looking to douse yourself in the vibrancy of the world’s kaleidoscope, we’ve got some suggestions for...


Brendan Dassey’s Murder Conviction Has Been Overturned

PA A U.S. appeals court have upheld the decision to overturn Brendan Dassey’s case meaning he could be released in the very near future. Dassey, whose story was one of the focal points of the hit Netflix documentary, Making A...


Sheep Gives Birth To ‘Half-Human Half-Beast’ Demon

Getty When you think of sheep, what comes to mind? Fluffy cute farm animals surrounded by their little lambs bouncing around the field, right? A village in South Africa had quite a shock when a sheep gave birth this week to what...