New Mexico Mother and Son Busted for Incest

A New Mexico mother and son who were separated by adoption some 18 years ago have fallen “madly in love” since reuniting…and it could cost them both their freedom.

37-year-old Monica Mares and 20-year-old Caleb Peterson were arrested in February of 2016 after a neighbor told cops about their illegal relationship.

The forbidden duo pair accepted a plea deal that would give them three years probation each as jury selection for a trial started Wednesday. Half of that probation would be supervised.

But they also have to stay away from each other for a year and a half.

They were charged with incest, a fourth-degree felony in the state of New Mexico, after a February 25th incident when an argument with their neighbor lead to that neighbor notifying cops.

They were both arraigned back in April and released on $5,000 with the condition that they stay away from each other.

Ms. Mares was also barred from seeing any of her other nine kids.

They were initially facing up to 18 months in prison, but District Attorney Andrea Reeb said neither had a criminal record and felt that treatment was more important than incarceration.

The case, although bizarre, isn’t unheard of in the medical field. It’s referred to as Genetic Sexual Attraction, or GSA, which is defined as sexual attraction between close relatives who met for the first time as adults.


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