New Hampshire Woman Busted for Offering $500 and a Juicy Couture Bag to Anyone Who’d Kill Her Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend


A New Hampshire woman has been arrested and charged for the alleged hit she tried to orchestrate on her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

20-year-old Monique Earle is said to have hand-written a letter that explained her desire to both torture and kill her ex’s new love.

A source called cops Tuesday night and told them about a payoff of $500 and a Juicy Couture bag in exchange for the hit.

Ms. Earle wanted the victim to be kidnapped, drugged, and raped for a few days,” according to court documents. “She wanted her locked in a room and starved for three days, and then killed.”

She’d made plans to meet with a hit man Wednesday. He was an undercover cop. She made a down payment to him.

The victim, who isn’t being named, remains safe.

Earle was taken into Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

She’s being held at the Sullivan County Jail on a $100,000 bail.


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