New Details Emerge in the Case of a Utah Teacher Who Had Sex With a 17-Year-Old Student

A few new details have emerged about the case involving a teacher and dance instructor in Utah who plied a 17-year-old male with alcohol before having sex with him.

27-year-old Sarah Lindsay Lewis, a former teacher of social studies and dance at Landmark High School, had been charged with raping one of her male students at her home.

The purported victim told cops that Ms. Lewis had given him vodka, and that he’d filmed the two of them kissing on the couch before they ventured into a bedroom.

He says he told the teacher that he wanted to have sex with her about two weeks prior.

She purportedly asked the teen to deny their relationship.

She’s also accused of buying beer for him and another teen two weeks later.

She first met him when he was a student in her class in 2015. He was in her class again in 2016.

She’s been charged with rape, tampering with a witness, and two counts of supplying alcohol to a minor.


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