Nevada Woman Poisoned Her Husband’s Food to Get Out of Having Sex With Him

A Nevada woman is on the lam after poisoning her husband’s cereal, Lucky Charms to be exact, in order to avoid having sex with him.

Andrea Heming pleaded guilty to putting boric acid in his cereal, in his energy drinks, and in his whipped cream.

The roach-killer gave the victim diarrhea and nose bleeds for months before he figured out what was happening.

When questioned by cops, Ms. Heming admitted to her dastardly deeds.

She told them, “I wouldn’t use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection.”

She was scheduled to be sentenced, but the night before, she fled and has been “missing” for the past two years.

It’s believed she’s in Mexico.

She faces up to 15 years in prison if/when she’s caught.


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