Millie Bobby Brown Reveals The Only Two Times She’ll Say ‘No’ To A Picture

Millie Bobby Brown is a mega star, and with that comes a lot of fan photo ops, which she’s totally okay with…most of the time.

During a recent interview with InStyle, Brown opened up about fame and what it’s like to be her now that Stranger Things has become such a phenomenon. She admitted that she asked for the admirers by becoming an actress, but it still surprises her how many people stop to meet her.

“I can’t walk down a street or outside this hotel without somebody asking for a picture,” Brown told InStyle while posing for their November 2017 issue. “But there’s also the fact that I kind of asked for it, you know? I can’t blame it on my fans.”

Although she wants to appease her fan base, Brown revealed there are two times she will say “no” to a picture, so take note.

“I will never say no unless I’m in an airport and need to catch a flight or I’m at dinner with my family, because that’s just quality time,” she explained. “But other than that, no, I’m fine with the fame. I accept it. All I want to do is model, act, and sing, so if fame comes with that, then so be it.”

Brown might only be 13 years old, but her approach to fame and how she treats her fans is something on par with seasoned actors, which makes us love her even more.

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