Michigan Woman Arrested for DUI With Her Kids in the Car – Calls her Husband to Pick Up the Kids – He Pulls Up Drunk Too!

A Michigan couple was arrested after a woman received a DUI, had her kids in the car, called her husband to come pick them up, and he drove up intoxicated too!

36-year-old Siobhan Theresa Egnot had been driving with her five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son when she was pulled over on Janury 29th following calls about a 2016 Ford Explorer that had run off the road.

Cops conducted field sobriety tests, and she failed. They allowed her to call her husband to come and pick the kids up. The 39-year-old father pulled up drunk too.

Ms. Egnot was charged with driving while intoxicated with occupants under the age of 16.

She received a $5,000 bail and posted it before being released. Her husband wasn’t charged.

The kids were held by Child Protective Services before being handed over to their maternal grandmother.


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