Melissa Joan Hart’s Favorite ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ Episode Will Make You Hungry


It’s been almost 20 years since Sabrina the Teenage Witch first aired (the official premiere date was September 27, 1996), but that hasn’t stopped star Melissa Joan Hart from reminiscing about the series. In fact, the actress just recently revealed her favorite Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode. Hint: It has to do with food!

Hart, who played Sabrina Spellman for seven seasons, took to Instagram last Friday (Sept. 9) to share which episode she still looks back on fondly.


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“#fbf to when I was addicted to pancakes,” Hart wrote alongside a flashback photo from the show. “#pancakemadness my favorite episode of #STTW #sabrinatheteenagewitch,” she added.

For those of you who needs a refresher, “Pancake Madness,” was the fifth episode in season 3 and it was all about pancakes, obviously. In fact, the episode begins with Sabrina conjuring up pancakes for herself in the morning, which leads her aunts to warn her about the fact that the Spellman family cannot eat a pancake without getting addicted. Not a bad problem, right? Wrong!

Sabrina doesn’t listen to her aunts and instead bites into one of the tasty breakfast treats and instantly becomes hooked. She even creates a pancake breakfast school fundraiser to fuel her obsession before finally seeing a doctor. It’s a good episode that you should re-watch ASAP, trust us.

Although Hart loved the idea of being addicted to pancakes on the show, she explained on Twitter that she’s more of a waffle girl. “About @andersoncooper comments about waffles. I hate pancakes but ❤ waffles so I would agree that only 1 is necessary, but not pancakes,” she tweeted with the same Sabrina eating pancakes pic.

The Melissa & Joey actress called out Anderson Cooper in her tweet because he recently went on Live with Kelly and admitted that he doesn’t understand the need for waffles, which Hart clearly gets but doesn’t agree with.

“There’s many things I don’t understand, and the list is long, but waffles, I don’t understand. There’s pancakes, why do you need a waffle?” Anderson Cooper told Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly in August.

“They’re crunchy, a pancake is soft, why would you want a waffle? I just do not understand the need for a waffle,” he added.

Pancakes, or waffles, what would you choose?

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