Married Louisiana Substitute Teacher and Mother Bribed Three Underage Boys With Alcohol to Have Sex With Her

A substitute teacher in Louisiana was arrested after allegedly having sex with three boys ranging in ages from 15 to 16. She’s said to have bribed them with alcohol, food, and getting to drive her car.

30-year-old Heidi M Domangue, aka her married name of Heidi Verret, had sex with the three boys over several months this past year, and is also suspected to have had extremely inappropriate conversations with a 12-year-old online.

Her alleged victims were all friends with each other and lived in the same neighborhood as the disgraced teacher, mother and wife.

All of sex occurred in her home, and it’s not known if the students were ever taught by her.

Neighbors say they’d noticed her being “unusually friendly” with the boys, but just assumed that, because she worked as a substitute teacher, nothing more inappropriate was going on.

Earlier this week, however, police received a report that she’d engaged in “inappropriate” online conversations with the 12-year-old boy on social media.

Their investigation found that she’d been having sex with the three other boys for several months.

She’s been charged with one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile and three counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile. The first count could bring two to 25 years in prison. The latter charges carry a max of ten years.

She now resides in jail on $50,000 bail.


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