Man’s Face Gets Absurdly Distorted By Vase At Wedding–Becomes Internet Celebrity

When it comes to wedding photos, people go all out on their photographers. 

They want the memories of their special day preserved as best as possible, which is understandable. It’s not like you get married every day. I mean you could, but it’d probably get boring by like day three.

Some photos are timeless because they beautifully capture candid moments of love. Other photos are unintentionally beautiful. Like this one wedding guest whose face was caught in a vase.

I mean, just look at this piece of photographic hilarity.

What’s most impressive about the picture is how good Mike T.’s boyfriend looks in the pic, compared to his engorged head.

He even started making comparisons to certain sassy extraterrestrials. 

And he created a poll to find out just why the photographer would take such a terrible picture of him.

Once his contacts got a hold of the photo, they mercilessly began to troll him in creative ways.

But at least he kept finding creative pop culture references to roast himself with.

He had to clarify that he was, indeed, not Megamind.

People began to send him photoshops to console him.

And his phone’s notifications kept blowing up.

Despite all of the online jokes, he still didn’t get to the bottom of why that photo was ever taken.

Much like life’s greatest mysteries, we’ll never know the reason. 

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