Mandy Moore Knows Exactly Where Her Mean ‘Princess Diaries’ Character Would Be Today (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since audiences first watched Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) transform into royalty in The Princess Diaries or that it’s been that long since Mandy Moore played the scathing role of Lana Thomas in the film. While Moore was promoting her highly anticipated upcoming TV series on NBC, This is Us, at Paleyfest on Tuesday (Sept. 15), People’s Choice asked her about the rumors swirling that a Princess Diaries 3 is in the works, and if she would be down to sign up for it.



“I wasn’t in [Princess Diaries 2],so I can’t see how I would be in 3,” the 32-year-old actress told People’s Choice.

While that’s indeed true, there’s no reason her character couldn’t pop up if a third movie based on Meg Cabot’s novel were to be produced. While the second film, A Royal Engagement didn’t perform at the box office as well as the first, maybe bringing Moore’s character back into the mix would give it that missing magic.

Moore even has an idea of where resident mean girl Lana might be up to today.

“I would like to think she had fallen on some hard time because she was such a terrible person and [that] her karma had come full circle!” Moore told People’s Choice. “Maybe she had fallen on hard times and now she’s doing something better with her life. Like volunteering, doing some charity work — there’s a real about face from her.”

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