Man Pretended to Be Justin Bieber and Solicit Nude Photos From a 9-Year-Old Girl and Others

A man who tried to extort a nine-year-old girl for nude photos has been arrested. It was his greed for more that finished him off.

Bryan Asrary is alleged to have found the young girl viewing and commenting on Bieber’s Instagram page back in 2014. He sent a direct message to the girl saying that he knew Bieber and could arrange a text-to-text meeting.

He then pretended to be the celebrity and demanded she send him nude photos of herself, threatening to hurt her if she didn’t comply. The girl then sent him nude photos and video.

Asrary is accused of having come back for more last year, and when he did, he threatened to publish the last ones he’d obtained unless she sent him more. But this time the girl told her mother. Her mother contacted cops.

When law enforcement confronted him, he confessed to extorting the girl and revealed he’d done it to other underage victims as well.

He’s been handed various charges, including extortion and child pornography.


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