Malia Obama Dances Seductively On Stage During Mac Miller’s Set At Lollapalooza

Barack Obama is on his way out as President of the United States which means that 18-year-old First Daughter Malia Obama can finally do things that normal teenagers do like getting wild on stage at Lollapalooza.

Wait till Republicans see this smh

— trap yeezus (@trapyeezus) July 30, 2016

Or getting turnt during a performance by Cashmere Cat.

Cashmere cat with Malia Obama today lmao

— lexi (@lexidubb) July 29, 2016

While many people are going to be assholes and will criticize Malia, we can only salute the young college bound teen for finally being able to be herself. Go get wild and have fun Malia!!!

Witnessed Malia Obama dancing to “Donald Trump” at the Mac Miller concert- what a time to be alive

— Molly (@MollyAllen1) July 30, 2016

Oh my god, Malia Obama is a normal, well-adjusted teenager. This will surely be the nail the Repubs have been looking for to impeach her dad

— Jeremy M (@VitruvianMonkey) July 29, 2016

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